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​彫師 artist

Hohsenbori  private studio established in 2015  in Omuta city Fukuoka prefecture Japan.

We are a family run studio with over 15 years of professional experience in tattooing  we strive to  provide outstanding customer service and  unprecedented artistic skills.

We are Hohsen and Horinikko.

Hohsen born and bred in Baltics , and at the age of 21 moved to London  to pursue a career in tattooing. After long and strenuous years of gaining the knowledge, finally in a year 2005 , Hohsen  started the professional career in the art of tattooing.

During his early years he attended numerous international conventions, worked all over Europe alongside some of the best  tattooers in the world.

Finally in the year 2015 seeking to widen his horizons and gain extensive knowledge in Buddhist painting decision was made to  move  to Japan and establish a private tattoo studio and workshop . The new path was commemorated by taking on a artist’s title “HOHSEN “ according to the Japanese tradition.


Horinikko is Japanese  female tattoo artist with more than 20 years of experience in permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing.

She was one of the pioneers in permanent makeup in Fukuoka prefecture since 2004.

Long standing connections with Korea  allowed her to bring new and innovative trends in cosmetic tattooing and establish  education facilities in Omuta city at the early stages of her career.

Currently Horinikko pursuing a new career path in artistic tattooing alongside her successful business as a professional cosmetic tattoo practitioner.

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